Compliance Officer

    Dubai       3-7 years

Qualification :Minimum Graduate + CAMS (Compulsory)

Job Description


The role of the Compliance Officer is to act as the responsible person for implementing the compliance function within the country of operation, including AML/CFT.

The Compliance Officer is responsible for:
  • Identifying, documenting and assessing the compliance risks associated with the Entity's business activities, including the development of new products and business practices, and reporting these developments to the CCO;
  • Developing new practices and methodologies for the measurement of compliance risk;
  • Identifying, with the assistance of the CCO or external legal advisors, the regulatory framework which governs and or affects the operations of the Entity, including the creation and maintenance of an up to date register of the existing regulatory framework including evaluation of compliance;
  • Providing immediate information to the senior management and the CCO on any identified breaches of the Compliance Function Policy, or of the applicable statutory and regulatory framework and on any deficiencies in complying with the provisions of the country statutory and regulatory framework; Creation of Country compliance procedures, if required ensuring alignment with Clients Finance Group

Compliance Policies

  • Maintaining effective communication with the local regulatory authorities. Developing, documenting, implementing and executing a regulatory compliance program, including AML/CFT;
  • Is the recipient of all the Critical Incident Reports and Internal Suspicious Transactions Reports (STRs), and takes any measure to manage these in the most appropriate manner, so as to avoid any risks imposed on the company;
  • Providing reports on a regular basis, as directed or requested, to keep the Board of Directors and the CCO informed of the operation and progress of regulatory compliance efforts;
  • Ensuring that Regulatory Compliance Policies and Procedures are followed by Company (country) operations and departments;
  • Conducting ongoing monitoring of the country's operations and activities and evaluating associated regulatory compliance risks;
  • Being continuously updated for the country's Legal and Regulatory environment;
  • Communicating new guidelines issued by Regulators to various departments of the Company (country), thereby ensuring compliance with the guidelines issued;
  • Making sure that the Clients Finance Group Compliance Policies and Procedures, including the AML/CFT Policy & Procedures, are updated with the latest Legal and Regulatory requirements of the country, in line with the Clients Finance Group Policies, and are approved by the Board of Directors;
  • Ensuring that all employees with the company are trained in regulatory compliance-related matters and are performing their functions in compliance with the rules, regulations and firm's internal policies; Ensuring that all employees within the company are trained annually (or more frequently according to the Legal and Regulatory Requirements of the country) on AML/CFT, with special attention on the country AML/CFT Regulatory Framework and on the latest AML/CFT Policy & Procedures;
  • Ensuring to have records on all trainings conducted on AML/CFT for the employees within the country; Conducting regulatory compliance reviews on an ongoing basis, and monitors the CB Audits;
  • Liaison with all Departments, either at Global or Regional level, for any queries, or new developments that affect the overall business of the Company;
  • Prepare and ongoing monitor the Compliance Framework testing activities within the company; Providing support and proper guidance to Departments, including operations that have queries related to regulatory compliance.



    • Excellent knowledge of the Compliance Function, including AML/CFT; Decision making and problem solving skills; Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing;
    • People Management skills;
    • Creative and Innovative;
    • Good oral and written communication skills;
    • Manage stressful situations;
    • Mathematical skills.

      • Minimum 5 years' previous experience in financial services, compliance or audit functions is required for this role.

      • The person fulfilling this role will be expected to commence work immediately on appointment. General Induction training and other appropriate training will be provided. However, the person will be required to continue building their knowledge in Compliance, e.g. get the CAMS Certification, or participate in Compliance Conferences and Workshops.


      • Graduate degree qualification is required for this role. CAMS Certification or other Certification in Compliance including AML/CFT IS MANDATORY

      • Excellent spoken and written English is required for this role. Working written and spoken local language skills is desirable for this role


        The role will be assessed on a regular basis through the following:

        • Based on the weekly report results, which is mandatory and must be sent to the CCO; Based on the quality of alert management;
        • Based on the quality of handling STRs;
        • Based on the response rate to the Regulatory Authorities request;
        • Performance Appraisal, six monthly and annual employee reviews to ensure the employee is performing as required and is being supported by the company to do so.



            • Ability to communicate effectively the importance of meeting country statutory and regulatory requirements and Clients Financial Group Compliance Policies and Procedures;
            • Ability to communicate effectively with the country statutory and regulatory agency;
            • Ability to providing immediate information to the senior management and the CCO on any identified breaches of the Compliance Function Policy, or of the applicable statutory and regulatory framework and on any deficiencies in complying with the provisions of the country statutory and regulatory framework;
            • Ability to resolve any issues, bugs, or errors that are present in the AML System in a timely manner;
            • Ability to deliver effective training on Financial Group Compliance Policies and Procedure;
            • Ability to effectively influence compliance and risk management culture within the country organization and especially at a senior management level.


            • Ability to effectively maintain the compliance system [software application];
            • Ability to raise STRs (Suspicious Transaction Report) and CIR (Critical Incident Reports) in a timely manner and to the quality required by the Regulators;
            • Ability to publish all agreed compliance reports in a timely manner;
            • Carrying out periodic on site reviews of branches as per the agreed schedule.


                • Decision-making and problem-solving abilities;
                • Communication Skills;
                • Risk management skills;
                • People-management skills;
                • Creative and innovative abilities so as to implement a systematic approach to the Compliance Framework within the Lulu Financial Group;
                • Ability to read, interpret, understand, and comply with the Legal and Regulatory Framework; Ability to deploy rules and scenarios for the proper investigation of AML/CFT risks; Ability to manage, guide, and train the CI and CO on matters related to the AML System.


                • Ability to read, interpret, understand and comply with legal and regulatory frameworks;
                • Ability to deploy rules and scenarios for the proper investigation of AML/CFT risks;
                • Ability to use the AML System efficiently and effectively;
                • Ability to respond to queries and requests from country Competent Authorities on time and within quality expected by them;
                • Ability to handle all Legal and Regulatory Requirements; Ability to complete fully the Compliance Testing Program; Compliance with Finance Group compliance policies and procedures.

                  Other Details

                  Department: Operations

                  Industry: BFSI


                  Salary Range: 0 To 0 in Indian Currency

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                  Foreign exchange